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Elevated Fitness is proud to present Clovis with a variety of services to suit your wellness. Elevated Fitness offers High Plains Boot Camp at three locations in Clovis, NM.

BC Details

Below you’ll find everything that you need to know about your first (or fiftieth) High Plains Boot Camp experience.

Where to go

Generally, the schedule will proceed as follows. Call/Text or email if unsure where to meet. 575.749.6756 //
During the winter months (November thru March-ish), we meet at Athletics Evolved on MWF.
Mondays: Hillcrest Park. Meet just south of the Splash Park. You can park at the Splash Park or on Sycamore Street.
Wednesdays: Ned Houk Park. Turn left at the entrance and head toward Pow Wow Pass. Turn right and park at the red and yellow playset.
Fridays: Athletics Evolved. Located on Pleasant Hill Hwy, 3/4 mile east of Farmer’s Corner. 942 SR 77. First driveway east of the George’s Muffler sign. Large blue dumpster out front and a barrel-shaped mailbox.

What should I expect?

High Plains Boot Camp is tough. That’s why it’s boot camp and not T’ai Chi. Does that mean that everyone is a rock star on their first day? Absolutely not. In years past, we have had members aged 14-55 years; folks that can’t run for 30 seconds alongside folks that run marathons; folks that struggle with eating healthily and those that haven’t looked at a cookie in years.
The point is that there is room for everyone. This is YOUR boot camp. Will you be pushed? Yes. I’m no Jillian,  but I will get you fitter, faster, stronger and more self-confident. Come check out HPBC. And leave your ego at the door.
You will be expected to fill out the appropriate paperwork so Amy is aware of any pre-existing health conditions that may necessitate exercise modification.

Why the different locales?

During the winter months (November thru March-ish), we meet at Athletics Evolved on MWF.
Comfort isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes we get in a habit of running the same routes, lifting the same weights, and going for the same number of calories burned.
Amy takes care to plan each workout well in advance. This includes adding an acceptable amount of variety to not only keep your body guessing, but your mind, too. Break out of your comfort zone by trying new exercises and workouts in new places. The fun thing about having variety is the ability to surprise a good way.
HPBC has three amazing locations, each with their own benefits. Ned Houk offers us hills and quiet roads. Hillcrest offers lots of playground equipment and obstacles, including good spots to hitch up the TRX. Athletics Evolved allows us to work on lifting form and the utilization of “non-standard” equipment. Remember, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn!

Can I bring my children?

Childcare is a big question with boot campers. Over the past few seasons of HPBC, I have tried to come up with a solution that works for everyone. Here’s what will happen this year.
For the warmer months, a sitter joins us at the park. Your children get some fresh air so you can “play” without distraction. These sitters ARE NOT EF employees. Once again, send Amy an email so she can put you in contact with the mom in charge.
Childcare is included in your monthly or drop-in fees.
One pack and play will be provided.

What is included in my monthly fee?

High Plains Boot Camp participants will receive the following perks:
-Built-in diet & exercise support group
-Kick-butt workout (duh!)
-Bi-weekly circumferential measurements neck, chest, bust, shoulders, natural waist, belly button, hips, thigh, calf, biceps, forearm
-Sample meal plans
-Sample workouts for non-BC days, depending on your goals
-Free entry into the Elevated Fitness MyFitnessPal community
-Free HPBC T-shirt with 3 month purchase sizes limited

How do I sign up and/or pay?

By paying through this website, you are automatically registered. If you choose to pay in person, PLEASE email/call/text Amy so she can plan accordingly. // 575.749.6756
Methods of accepted payment:
-Credit Card via or in-person
-Cash in person (exact change, please)
-Check made payable to Elevated Fitness. Pay in person or send to: Elevated Fitness, 4605 Sandstone Dr, Clovis, NM 88101

Are there any specials for returning boot campers?

I’m so glad you asked! YES, there is special pricing for returning boot campers. If you have attended six consecutive months of HPBC or more, you will receive a $15 monthly discount. This brings their 4-week session price down to $60. No limit on how many months are purchased at once.

Is this a “women’s only” boot camp?

No. Although the majority of HPBC participants are women, boot camp is open to all.

See details above regarding special pricing for return boot campers.