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Elevated Fitness is proud to present Clovis with a variety of services to suit your wellness. Elevated Fitness offers High Plains Boot Camp at three locations in Clovis, NM.

Monster Ride 2016

EF Blog

Monster Ride 2016

Amy Ward

The sun gets to sleep in these days, but not you! Hop on the trainer, crank the tunes and crush your climbs with this year's Halloween ride. Is it a run day? Search for the songs that have 80/160 - 90/180 bpm to keep you on pace. You can find the playlist here on Spotify . Membership is free, unless you would like to use their music offline.

Here's the Monster Ride profile. It's a long one, hence the "monster", so if you need to trim it down, skip tracks 6, 7, 8, & 15. This saves you about 16 minutes, putting the running time (without cool-down) at about 50 minutes. Remove another hill set if necessary.

Now go burn that fun size Snickers!

Happy Halloween

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