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Squirrel Attack, Toilet Texts, & Giving Season

Amy Ward

New category for the new blog (still looking for a name, people!): Learned / Remembered / Wondered....or some similar combo. Good for short posts that pack a proverbial punch.

This week, I learned swimming really helps decrease my foot discomfort. Wahoo! No walls and lighter kicking, but it felt great to get back in the water after an unintended hiatus. I also learned that this break from the pool/gym meant that G has to, once again, get used to going to the Kids Klub. That may take awhile. 

I also learned pumpkins are probably not the best choice for outdoor fall decorating. I first saw pumpkins like this around the neighborhood on a few different porches.

 Squirrel snacks. Too big to bury?

Squirrel snacks. Too big to bury?

I just thought it was some sort of stupid jack-o-lantern carving trend, like the vomiting pumpkin. Then I saw a couple of squirrels going to town on my own pumpkins. I guess even squirrels are keeping on-trend with their love of pumpkin.

This week, I remembered I need to reach out to old friends more often. With work, family, and other commitments, it is easy to let things slide. Luckily, we no longer have to send hand-written notes with wax seals via courier to our loved ones. I guarantee you can carve 30 seconds out of your day to shoot a text or email. The recipient of doesn't need to know you were in the bathroom when you said "hello"... 

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year, and it always seems to put me in a giving mood. I wonder if it is the season or my happiness that spurs my generosity. That led me to think about Thanksgiving, and how a lot of folks find themselves volunteering/voluntold during the holidays. It's easy to give during these two holiday months, but what about the rest of the year? 

This post is starting to sound a lot like a New Years' Resolution...


Have a great week and soak up some autumn goodness! If you have ideas for what we should call the new blog, let us know! You'll be gifted with some EF swag if we use your suggestion.