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Your gym gives you strength, but what about support?

Amy Ward

My best friend, Amber, found a community through her local gym that has helped get her through some difficult times. She recently wrote about the benefits of exercising there during pregnancy and it got me thinking about our own community at Elevated Fitness. This is her story. Continue onto the following post to learn about our own EF family's power player.

*I took the liberty of removing the name of the gym and style of workout so as not to encourage any of you crazies out there to assume what Amber has will automatically (or should) work for you.

I found my gym in November 2012 and haven’t looked for another gym since.  It’s such an integral part of my daily routine, and I find fulfillment not only from the physical conditioning that takes place, but also from the family of instructors and fellow clients.

In November of 2015, my husband and I found out I was pregnant after three miscarriages and a failed IVF attempt.  We were overjoyed, but also took every precaution possible to ensure I didn’t do anything that might induce another miscarriage.  Needless to say, I was very apprehensive if continuing to exercise would be safe during my pregnancy since I was classified high risk.  My doctor gave me the OK to continue my current workout regimen and encouraged me to modify my routine by listening to my body, and by taking the advice of instructors at the studio I attend.  The owner and instructors were pivotal in offering me suggestions regarding modifications when taking class, and as I progressed in my pregnancy, some even slightly modified their classes. 

I have had such a wonderfully uneventful pregnancy, and I know exercise is to thank for that. I average four to five sessions per week and I am coming up on my 33rd week of pregnancy.  I have had a couple days when I woke up with round ligament pain and thought I couldn’t do class. The first time it happened, I decided to attend class to see if it would help. I’m so glad I did!  By the end of class, the pain was completely gone!  The attention to core that I have experienced at my studio has given me the much needed strength to support my lower back as well. Although I’m unable to do everything I did before I was pregnant, I still do most exercises and I feel as well, if not better, than I did before pregnancy.  I believe exercise has tremendously helped prepare my body for birth and prevented a lot of aches and pains most women suffer from during pregnancy.  It’s also fun to see how much my baby likes class!  He really starts kicking in the last few minutes; I think he is partial to the bounce and music!  

My gym has given me the opportunity to develop friendships and gain support throughout my pregnancy in ways that I can’t get anywhere else.  The family of clients and instructors are so incredibly supportive, and I feel rejuvenated both physically and emotionally when I leave. What a wonderful way to start my day!


Amber’s story is not unique. Pregnant or not, we all strive for a supportive network. For an active person like Amber it was her fitness family. Fitness families keep us sane; they provide a sense of stability when everything else in our lives seems to be out of control. Amber really needed a sense of normalcy in what was understandably an incredibly stressful time - one that could have resulted in yet another miscarriage. ***Please remember that Amber had full clearance from her OB/GYN before continuing her exercise regimen!

We might not know it, especially as we crank up the tunes on our iPod and retract into our private world, but we wish to be more than mere members at a local gym. Want to know how we do it at Elevated Fitness? Read the following post and client spotlight.

Amber Hum is a mom-to-be, military spouse, and all-around amazing woman. She is a whiz at whipping up healthy dishes and loves to spend time outside. Amber and her husband live in Colorado Springs, where they enjoy hiking, hunting, and after-dinner neighborhood strolls. Their son is due this summer.

Has there been a particularly terrifying or terrific time in your life when you were happy to have the support of your fitness family? Share below in the comments, or email Amy at We might even publish it on the blog!