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Clovis, NM

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Elevated Fitness is proud to present Clovis with a variety of services to suit your wellness. Elevated Fitness offers High Plains Boot Camp at three locations in Clovis, NM.




MWF 5:15-6:15am at Athletics Evolved

MTWRF  8:30 - 9:30am see below for locations


Winter Schedule: Nov 1 - Apr 2

Summer Schedule: April 3 - Oct 31, 5:15am

Summer Schedule: April 3 - Oct 31, 8:30am



New attendee price // Have attended 6m+
3x weekly* (i.e. MWF)  : $75 // $60
2x weekly* :  $50 // $45
MTWRF :  $115 // $100
Drop-in : $10
Punch Card : $90 (no expiration)

*You choose what days to attend. 3 days could be MWF, MTR, TWR, etc.


What You Get

  • Kick-butt workout
  • Built-in support group
  • Sample workouts for your “off days” 
  • A boost in motivation 
  • HPBC T-shirt with 3-month purchase

What to Bring

  • Mat or beach towel for outdoors
  • Water
  • Sweat towel
  • Great attitude
  • Willingness to work hard
  • Motivation to share with others
  • Appropriate snack or recovery
  • Beverage for the ride home

Instructor Cancellations or Notices

Life happens. If you are running late or cannot make it to class, please notify Meryl via text.

All participants will also be notified in case of emergency cancellations or change of venue (due to weather, illness, babysitter no show, etc.). Group text, email, and FB posts are the best way for us to let you know of any changes, so please be sure that we have the proper cell phone number and email address.

FAQs about your 1st or 50th HPBC experience - click here

Elevated Fitness offers High Plains Boot Camp at a variety of locations around Clovis, NM. During the summer months, you can find us working up a sweat in three different locations; two outdoor, one indoor. We meet at Hillcrest Park, Ned Houk Park as well as Athletics Evolved. The parks offer trees, ponds, hills, sunshine and plenty of space to work up a good sweat. Athletics Evolved offers an opportunity to work on our strength, but that doesn’t mean your heart won’t be pumping! AE is located at 941 SR 77 in Clovis (first driveway east of Chapman St). The driveway is located at the "Pass with Care" (eastbound) and "No Passing" (westbound) signs..

All that we ask of you is to bring a mat or beach towel, water, and a willingness to work hard. Remember that this is your workout. Meryl can modify or scale any exercise to make it more appropriate for your level of fitness or injury risk. Make it as easy or as challenging as you like. Please, listen to your body. You know it best!

If you are worried about being a bit behind in the strength or speed department, don’t! We all have to start somewhere, and modifications can be made for most exercises. Filling out the appropriate paperwork before joining and EF service is paramount. This will help ensure that the instructor is aware of any limitations you may have. To get a jumpstart on these simple forms, see below. Submit the following forms to prior to attending boot camp or bring them to your first session.

Waiver & Photo Release 

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)

Child Care

There are NEW GUIDELINES in place for the Summer 2017 HPBC season. For details, please contact Meryl, our fearless leader, at 781-367-9023 or

If you have a son or daughter that would like to lend a hand as a sitter, please let us know. We are always looking for back-ups. It's also a great way to pick up weekend and evening babysitting jobs, too. These sitters are NOT EF employees.

How Does Drop-In Work?

Drop-in is perfect for those with a crazy schedule or who aren’t sure whether or not they can make it to Boot Camp on a regular basis. Click on the "enroll now" button to the left or bring cash, check or card to your drop-in session. Please make checks payable to Elevated Fitness. Due to poor cell reception, cards cannot be processed at Ned Houk Park.

What’s a Punch Card?

Punch Cards are a great way to drop in on a regular basis without committing to a full month’s fees. They offer you a savings of over $2 per session versus drop-in fees. Punch Cards may be redeemed at any day or time that HPBC meets.

High Plains Boot Camp
from 46.75

With multiple days and times available, you are sure to find a HPBC option that fits your busy lifestyle.

Get the camaraderie and accountability you need with your new boot camp family!

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HPBC Punch Card

A punch card is the most economical way to attend HPBC without committing to a full month or putting up with the hassle of paying drop-in fees each visit. 

One card is valid for 12 sessions, any day or time that boot camp is offered. There is no expiration date.

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