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Clean Eating Challenge


To read more about the winner and some changes that will be made to future Challenges, check out this month’s blog posting.


Thanks for participating in the November 2013 Clean Eating Challenge! Please take a few moments to fill out our survey. Participants looking to be eligible for the $100 drawing must complete this survey by December 6th. Take the survey NOW.

Week One

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to week one of the Elevated Fitness Clean Eating 30 Day Challenge.

You will find plenty of information on the challenge right here. Be sure to read the “READ ME FIRST” file, well, first. You will also get lots of information in the periodic emails that I send out throughout the challenge. These emails will give you bonus recipes, secret tips and tricks, and the key to your general workout plan (to be sent by Day 3).

Don’t forget to reach out to your fellow challengers on the FB Group page. It is a private group, so only 30DC participants will be allowed to see posts. Feel free to post photos, tips and ask questions. If you are really brave, you can post your starting weight and measurements. You can also use the “File” tab on the group page to access documents in case the website crashes again. :(

Best of luck to all! Who is going to win $100?

Week Two

Congratulations on surviving the first week of your 30 Day Challenge!

The tasks for week two as described in your Challenge Timeline (week one) are detailed in the document to the right.

Don’t forget to print off your homework checklist.

Week Three

Things are getting difficult, but look at how far you’ve come! By this point you have started to read those labels, and you have figured out that most food isn’t just food. It is also wallpaper paste, random “natural flavors” and a little bit of wood pulp. Just for the fiber your body craves. Right...I’ll stick with an apple.

Check out your week three documents, and keep checking off your homework every day. How many checkmarks have you tallied this month?

Week Four

Just a few more days to go and you will have successfully completed your first 30 Day Challenge. Congratulations!

Follow the tips in this week’s email to approach Thanksgiving with a healthier outlook.