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Elevated Fitness is proud to present Clovis with a variety of services to suit your wellness. Elevated Fitness offers High Plains Boot Camp at three locations in Clovis, NM.


Clients. Elevated.

The following Elevated Fitness clients and students have demonstrated what it takes to elevate their fitness. Whether it be through a commitment to getting stronger, moving better, moving faster, eating right, or inspiring others, they have earned the title of  EF Client of the Month.
Winners receive a discount on future EF services.

Autumn 2014

Summer (left) at our last outdoor session in November 2014.

Summer (left) at our last outdoor session in November 2014.

Summer L.

New to Elevated Fitness, Summer dove head-first into High Plains Boot Camp this Spring. I jokingly call her our incognito client because she wears a hat and sunglasses to many sessions, and although very friendly and approachable, can be quiet and dead-set focused. Not only does Summer bring her A-game to each session, I can count the number of sessions she has missed on one hand. She is dedicated, determined, and getting stronger all the time. And can I tell you she has formed a nice little booty? :)

Summer is a joy to have in our boot camp family and I can't wait to see what progress she makes this winter!

Summer 2014

Janett J.

Summer in a military community often means a significant outflow of families that we refer to as "PCS season". This year was no different. Amy's fifth summer in Clovis seemed to be one of the busiest PCS seasons yet. Five clients moved away. This opened up some time in her schedule and she decided to bring back the morning TRX class that was once so popular.

Janett J. came to our morning TRX class ready to work. This bubbly gal had never heard of TRX, but took to it quickly, thanks to a competitive push from her athletic daughter. After just a few sessions, she was feeling better, which encouraged her to begin running more regularly. Soon she was running 5-6 miles in one go, and making mindful food choices. Most importantly, though, Janett is now moving with purpose. Congratulations, Janett, for making such a positive change in your life! Keep up the hard work!

Spring 2014

See our blog archive to catch up with Arlise J.!

Autumn 2013

Treca B.

Treca, whom I have lovingly nicknamed “Bulldog” is an absolute beast.

She discovered the sport of triathlon in her 40s and is hooked - traveling with her sister, Tammi, throughout NM and TX every weekend during the tri season. They have the awards to prove it.

Treca has been attending EF’s evening TRX classes for over 2 years and her positive outlook and encouraging attitude is infectious. I wholeheartedly believe that her dedication to TRX has helped up her game. Way to go, Treca!

Astrid L.

I first met Astrid about 2 years ago. She was a gym regular, and an avid participant in both my Spin and TRX classes.

This year, thanks to some Play Pass cash and the cancellation of TRX on base, Astrid decided to try personal training. Knowing of a few modifications that I would have to make due to her history, I wasn’t sure what to expect...needless to say she surprised us both!

She has become exponentially stronger and has overcome (well, almost) her fear of chin-ups. Astrid also joined the Clean Eating Challenge in November.
Keep up the hard work!

Sandy O.

Sandy came to EF in the spring of 2013, looking to train for her first half ironman. With lots of base to be built and a grueling program that really ramped up in the heat of the summer, Sandy dove in head-first.

The program would have been challenging for anyone, but Sandy has Type II Diabetes. It was a learning experience for both of us, and involved a lot of trial and error on Sandy’s behalf; discovering what worked best to keep her sugars in check.

Sandy’s dedication to “the plan” should be an inspiration to all, diabetic or not!

Summer 2013

Kimberly W.

Due to an upcoming move, Kim didn’t spend much time with us at High Plains Boot Camp. BUT she brought her A-game every class. She pushed through discomfort and helped encourage others to attack every rep, interval and hill. We miss you, Kim!


Cristy C.

Cristy was one of the original HPBCampers from 2010. After having a second child, she returned in 2013. Watching her transform has been amazing. Not only is her form absolutely stellar, but Cristy has fully welcomed a healthier way of eating. In doing so, she has influenced her husband’s weight loss and concurrently introduced some fun new ways to eat fruits and veggies to her boys. Way to go, Cristy!


Deb Z.

Deb joined our evening TRX class in early 2013. She was unable to hold a standard plank and her balance was poor. Just a few months later, Deb has returned to cycling (60+ miles in one go!) and her strength has increased immensely. She continues to amaze me with how quickly she adapts to new skills and exercises. Keep up the hard work, Deb!